Baby Gears

Have you ever experienced shopping for baby equipment for your little one, but you just can’t seem to find the right one? We want the best and only the best for our kids, and that also applies for the equipment we buy for them. However, the baby gear market is filled with different equipment, but oftentimes, our only options are outrageously pricey international brands or poorly manufactured local ones.

A look into baby gears

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a third-timer, one of the biggest budget-eater in the cost of child raising is buying baby supplies. Researching for the right products is just as important as actually buying them and buying the wrong ones can result in money down the drain. However, we’ve experienced how difficult it is to find products that are of high quality and luxurious, but still affordable. Royal and luxurious baby gear are oftentimes only available at a very high price in high-end malls. Essentials like high end strollers can cost at least INR 40,000, luxury bathers cost upwards of INR 6,000, and rockers can set you back as much as INR 43,000. While we can all agree that we appreciate aesthetically pleasing and luxurious gear, those prices are a little too steep for things that our little angels will outgrow.

Aside from affordability, good quality baby gear should also prioritize our children’s safety. As parents, we have to understand that products that we and our children use everyday have their own fair share of risks. These threats range from choking hazards to even flammable objects. Sometimes the risks are clear as day, so it’s easy to avoid them, but there are also risks that come as a surprise and aren’t very evident upon first glance.

Small parts in equipment are considered as choking hazards, but have you thought of potential tripping hazards as well? As our children get more hands-on, their toys and equipment clutter the floors, where they can potentially trip and fall. One thing that we can do is to lessen the things we put in our children’s rooms and try to minimize hazards, but there are just some baby gears that you can’t live without.

So, what’s the secret? Multi-functional products! For being so small, babies really do need a lot of stuff. However, their rapid growth comes with constantly outgrowing their stuff and eventually needing to buy more of them. When it comes to buying baby gear, we should wise up and start researching and thinking ahead. Multi-functional products might be more expensive upfront, but they’ll surely pay for themselves in the long run!

Why multifunctional products?

You save more money. It’s obvious that by using multi-functional equipment, you’re basically buying two or more gears that’s built into one. This is especially helpful if you’re saving money to buy other more important things.

And you won’t just save money, you’ll save space too. Of course, having one equipment do the job of two or more gears means that you’ll only have one thing cluttering your home instead of a lot. Not having a lot of clutter in your home allows you some peace of mind and serenity.  Not to mention, having gear that has multiple uses also allows us parents to have an easier time balancing taking care of our little ones, and doing other tasks like reading a book or watching a TV show. Without having multifunctional gear, we’d be left to jump from one task to another without catching a break.

Multifunctional gear is also meant to be used for longer periods of time, so these products are often built to last. Say goodbye to constantly buying new gear for your little one, these products are here to stay! It’ll grow with your child and accommodate the new needs that present themselves as they grow up.

Finding the perfect baby gear that is a balance between quality, luxury, and safety is difficult, but it’s not impossible. With, royal luxury and the best quality no longer have to be expensive. We have brought the same luxurious feel and quality materials to a price that won’t break the bank, and the best part is that all our gear is multifunctional! With our selection of prams, rockers, bathers, and other essential baby gear, you’ll rest easy knowing you bought the best equipment for your little one.

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