How to Take Care of Newborn Babies in Cold Weather

Try to keep the house warm. If the temperature drops too much, then electric devices can be used. Do not burn a girl or anything near the child. Its smoke can make him sick. 

Protect the child from cold at night, but do not put too many blankets or quilts on him. Take care that he can breathe easily. Try raising the temperature of the room and wear a light blanket. The same thing applies to clothes. Wash new clothes with water first, and then put them on.

Nasal congestion is a common problem in children. Keep nasal nasal drops as prescribed by the doctor. 

If the child’s stomach is hurting or the stomach is not getting cleared, giving celery is beneficial.

Wear full warm clothes:
Take special care of children’s clothes in winter. The slightest carelessness of the clothes can make the child heavy. So as soon as the weather changes, start dressing the baby in warm clothes. Don’t ignore the mild cold and always keep the baby in socks.

Use hot oil for massage:

Where the baby’s muscles remain strong, while the body of the children remains warm along with it. Therefore, during the winter season, you must definitely massage the children. Use hot oil while massaging.

Do not feed cold things in winter:

Do not feed cold things to the child even by mistake. If your baby is more than 7 months old and he eats food, then do not feed him cold things and also do not give him stale food or cold food.

Wear better quality:
Sweaters always wear sweaters of good quality, as wool sometimes causes allergic reactions in the skin.

Keep the house temperature attentive: 
Often children are kept in rooms heated with heaters and blowers to protect them from the cold. But this habit often becomes the cause of illness for children. Room temperature should always be normal. If the child goes from a warm environment to a normal temperature, then he gets a cold effect immediately.

Keep baby’s bed warm:
Before sleeping, warm the bed by placing a hot water bottle. But keep in mind that before the child sleeps, remove the bottle from there.

Feed milk daily:

In addition to breast milk, formula milk (naan, lactogen, etc.) should be given to babies up to one year of age. After this, give full cream milk to two year old children. This age is very important for the development of the child’s brain and eyes.

Feed fruits also:
Give seasonal vegetables to children. You can also feed them all the fruits. Feeding the fruit with light salt does not prevent the risk of getting cold. Also, do not feed fruits in the evening. Feeding fruits in the evening poses a risk of catching cold. 

Almonds, cashews, raisins can be given to the child daily. Along with this, mixing saffron in milk and giving it to children is beneficial in winter. Feed egg to the child daily. Eggs keep your baby’s body warm.  

Feed daily one spoon of Chyawanprash:
Chyawanprash is very beneficial for children in winter, so feed one spoonful of Chyawanprash to the child daily in winter. If possible, give it to the child by mixing turmeric in milk.

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