Top 8 ways to teach your child to read

  1. Understand the skill of teaching reading – Before teaching reading to children; parents should understand the skill of teaching reading. Explain that teaching reading requires a variety of skills. Which is something like this –
  2. The skill of listening by manipulating the sounds of words.
  3. The skill of recognizing the relationship between the sounds of letters.
  4. Ability to understand the meanings of words written in books.
  5. Ability to understand words and read them correctly with the right speed.
  • Choose the right book– After understanding the skill of teaching, always choose books according to his age to teach children to read. If the child is under 6 months old, use plastic books for him. On the other hand, if the child is over a year old, give him a story with pictures and words. Also, if the age of the child is two years or more. So give him such books in which he can identify and understand the story and the words.
  • Use rhymes and songs Use nursery rhymes and songs to teach children. Sing these poems to them. It is generally seen that children can remember songs of simple words quickly. In such a situation, if children are taught by singing poems and songs, then children will be attracted towards it soon and their interest will also increase.
  • Teach with fingers on books – To teach children to read, along with children, parents should also read. Also, keep your fingers on the letters while reading. This will help the child to know the letters. This will enable children to easily recognize the letters or words being taught.
  • Make Simple Word Cards Make simple word cards for kids at home with the names of animals or toys. For example: – A for Apple, B for Bat, C for Cat etc. Then teach the children to speak these names and give that card to choose from. In this way children will have an understanding of the letters of the alphabet and their interest in learning will also increase.
  • Teach reading aloud by explaining the meaning – Teach children to read aloud the poems given in the books as well as explain its meaning. If children understand the meaning of the poem, then they will be able to remember it easily and will also be able to read it better.
  • Explain the characters of books through acting – It is generally seen that children are more interested in cartoons. In such a situation, if you act and explain the characters given in the books to teach the children, then the children will understand easily, as well as the mind of the youngsters are going to be engaged in studies.
  • Offer word games – The medium of play can also be adopted to teach children to read. For this, play word games in the form of indoor games for children at home. For example: – Mix the toys with letters from A to Z. Then ask him to choose the children sequentially and encourage them to speak that letter.

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