How to Make a Home Mission Statement for Your Family

My thoughts started thinking about my life as a mother of boys when I found out I was pregnant with my third kid. And, more specifically, having the honour of parenting them alongside my husband. Being a #boymom is a privilege, a challenge, and a blessing for me. I don’t say challenge because my spouse and I have two sons. No, that is not unusual for us. And that’s all we know about it. Instead, I prefer the word challenge since it is a major job for us. We don’t simply want to raise boys who grow up to be men. We want to raise boys who will grow up to be strong men.

The Purpose of Our Family
In my life, I don’t like to do anything that isn’t purposeful. And I consider this to be my most important function to date. So, before the birth of our third boy, my husband and I created a mission statement that explains the type of sons we want to raise. And if you know us, you know that none of these assertions are complete. However, if you know us, you know that we have many more glimpses of these sentiments becoming our reality as our sons grow older. That is a blessing for me as a mother, and it is a blessing for my spouse to think about and observe.

So, whether you’re single, married, or married with children, I advise you and your spouse to compose one for your household on Father’s Day as a fun activity. Also, if you have all guys and like this one, feel free to print it out here. Then hang it somewhere in your home to keep you motivated on those lazy days. And then there’s the hard ones.

If you have a family with females or a mix of both genders, I’d love for you to share what your family’s goal statement is. Enjoy!

We raise guys in this house.

• Wrestling boys who also know how to embrace
• Boys who adore Jesus and aren’t afraid to tell others that He loves them as well.
• Boys who care about others yet aren’t overly concerned about what others think
• Boys who understand that they are never above or below anyone, no matter how much or how little they have.
• Boys who would rather play in the dirt all day every day yet can vacuum when the floor beckons.
• Boys who can confidently express themselves but also know when to be silent and listen, even if they disagree.
• Boys who find women attractive and appealing, yet understand that treating them with respect and care is the best way to treat them.
• Boys who would rather live in peace than fight, yet will stand up to a bully for a buddy or brother.
• Boys who understand that doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but nonetheless make the decision to do the right thing.
• Boys who love others with abandon because they know Jesus loves them regardless of their flaws or imperfections.
• Boys who respect and revere their father in the way that young men do, but who also accept and heed their mother’s preferences when their father is not there.
• Boys who will be self-sufficient enough to sow their wild oats but never too old for a mother’s kiss
• Boys who have a firm grip on their hands and look adults in the eyes during conversation.
• Boys who, despite their busy schedules, open doors for ladies and take up bags when they notice someone in need.
• Boys who understand that they will be forgiven if they make mistakes, yet are willing to make amends when necessary.
• Boys who, despite what the world may tell them, never forget that their identity comes from Christ and no one else.
• We raise guys in this house.
• Boys who will grow up to be men.
• Men who not only make us proud, but also make the world a better place simply by being in it.