Secret Thoughts of a Stay At Home Mom

If you’ve never experienced it, staying at home mom appears to be a simple job. However, as any mom who has tried it, we’re aware that this position is far from being simple. A lot of the time we smile on our faces and make it through the day without a single complaint (most of the time). But there are a few “secret thoughts” most of us who stay at home moms have to deal with regularly.

Secret Thoughts of Stay-At-Home Moms

What is the reason people don’t recognize that this is work?

Anyone who hasn’t been a stay-at-home mother can’t comprehend all that is involved inside it. I do not play with my child for the entire day. My days are filled with taking care of my children, tidying the mess left by my kid, and many other chores. It’s not that my home is spotless in one go. The time for napping is always a time to work the best I can. After my normal “working” hours, it’s time to eat dinner and hang out with my husband before beginning the process all over again. It’s a full-time, seven days week, all-day everyday job. If the baby gets up then it’s my job to look after the baby, since I am the one who is home with him. If I neglect housework to get time for “me time,” I feel guilty!

Do I have the chance to have a serious conversation with you again?

Being a stay-at-home mom along with the 2020 pandemic and I’ve never felt more alone. I’d go days without having contact with anyone apart from my son and my husband. I am always in the mood for adult conversations. Instead, I’m singing the lyrics of”Dora The Explorer. “Dora the Explorer” theme song repeatedly! My Facebook mom’s circle has kept me as calm as they can amid these circumstances.

I feel so blessed!

I can’t stand another person touching me today. This is particularly problematic when you have an unrequited husband who needs physical affection. My son is a squeaky-crawler all day long, and I have two dogs who require my attention whenever I can find a few minutes without my baby. When the baby is asleep, your husband may require all your attention. So often, at the close of the day, I’m left with nothing to offer.

I’m exhausted and exhausted and stressed.

My partner is at work in the outside world every day. Therefore, I am feeling the need to take up the slack and ensure that he gets time to unwind when he returns home after work. But I need some time to myself! I’d love to take a break and relax. Yet, I’m constantly caring for our child as well as taking care of the house and then fall asleep shortly after my baby has gone to bed. I don’t feel that the work I do is enough for me as a mother, for my child for my spouse, my home and my dogs . . . The list goes on. These thoughts cause me to feel exhausted constantly.

I believe that I should be working outside of my home to be considered valuable.

The transition from a working woman to a stay-at-home mother was an enormous mental strain. Although we managed to manage financially, it is a bit different to not have my own money. While I know I’m doing the most important work to provide for my family, not being able to financially support my family can be a stressful experience. I feel like a hired hand every day, only I don’t earn money. On most days I don’t even get the simple “thank you.”

I‘m tired of repeating the same routine each day.

As a stay-at-home mother, It can be easy to feel that every day is Groundhog Day. There were days at a time when I was unsure of the day of the week since it was the same day every day. Every day is the same! The worst part was when we were quarantined at home where we were able to only play on toys and watch TV and take walks. I believe I have experienced the “Sunday Scaries” more as a mother-in-law at home as opposed to when I had work outside of the home, as I would be ready for another week that was the same. I can remember one time contemplating, “If I have to heat pancakes one more time this week, I will go insane!” However, every morning I make sure to cook the pancakes as pancakes are my child’s favorite breakfast.

I‘m a devoted employee.

Despite all the difficulties, I would not ever trade my experience being a stay-at-home mom and my boy for anything else in the world!

Final word during the Covid19 Stay Home and Save Lives