Tips for Managing Toddler Separation Anxiety

  1. Introduce a lovey.

At 12 months is the perfect time to introduce an adorable (or an animal stuffed) to sleeping. Imagine it as a baby buddy the toddler can snuggle up to feel secure and safe. Be sure that there aren’t any things that your toddler could gnaw off (like clear eyes). Let them cuddle their beloved throughout their bedtime routine, or move them throughout the house to become at ease with them. Most children aren’t able to want to give a hug at first, so try your child’s hand and observe whether it can help.

  1. Spend (more) quality time with your partner.

A one-on-one relationship with your child can alleviate the anxiety of separation anxiety. Try to get off your cell phone and make sure you have plenty of smiles, eye contact and cuddles toddler several times per day. 10 minutes of quality one-on-one time could be enough time to “fill their tank” and make them feel comfortable and at ease. If your child has been trying to sleep, make sure you schedule extra time at night to make it easier for them to fall asleep much more easily.

  1. Find a soothing phrase.

This is particularly beneficial for the reduction of anxiety over separation. It’s easy! Start by repeating a familiar phrase every when you go away to remind them that you’ll always return. An expression like “Mommy’s coming back” or “I’ll be back soon, I love you” will aid your child to understand that you’ll always be back. When you return make a comment like “See! Mommy is back!” They’ll start to establish the connection and build confidence.

Use it whenever you play peek-aboo or anytime you are getting up to work in the house. Repeat the phrase enough that it feels like too many times (and and then more). Children like repetition. So, the next time you have to go out for a short time and they may not feel it as seriously. Remember to use the same mantra and be positive and light!

Toddlers thrive when their environment is predictable, familiar and secure. A consistent routine for their day will make your toddler’s sleep more easily since their body clocks are programmed to fall asleep at predetermined time and they are aware of the order throughout the day. Additionally, having your child rest in a crib for whenever possible ensures that they stay safe and helps prevent distractions like wandering around your home. Additionally, helping ease your child’s separation anxiety by encouraging them with soothing phrases and spending time with them can prevent sleep-related struggles. If you follow the three sleep tricks and you will be able to see your child begin sleeping much more easily!

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