ARCHI Musicals Concert Goddess Saraswati Tabla Set, 3.75 To 4 Kg Copper Bayan, Finest Dayan (5.5 Inch D# Scale Tabla) Fully tuned


Price: ₹12,999.00 - ₹8,649.00
(as of Aug 27, 2021 06:09:09 UTC – Details)

The Tabla is a popular Indian percussion instrument used in the classical, religious music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. The term tabla is derived from a Sanskrit word which means “drum”. Tabla is a pair of drums. It consists of of a small right hand drum called Dayan and a larger metal one called Bayan. The Dayan (right hand drum) is made of wood. The Bayan (left hand drum) generally made Copper or Brass or steel with a nickel or chrome plate is the most common material. Both feature goatskin drumheads and camel leather straps to adjust the pitch. Black spot on tabla skin are a mixture of gum, soot, and iron filings.
9 inch brassh baya , 5 to 5.5 inch dayan tabla , with bag , Hammer, Gaddi set , plastic unbreakable gatta , 6 to 7 kg total wait , Very Good Sound Quality.
copper bayan beautifully designed
Product dimensions (L x W x H): bayan -30 cm x 24 cm x 30 cm, dayan: 27 cm x 14 cm x 26. 5 cm
Special Hand Made Puddis (Drumheads), Made of Goat Skin