StarAndDaisy Sunrise Baby Stroller and Pram with Extended Mosquito Net and Ultra Soft Cushions & Reversible Handlebar Stroller for Baby(Gama), Prism-Multicolor


Price: ₹5,599 - ₹3,298.00
(as of May 21, 2024 11:35:34 UTC – Details)

Product Description

StarAndDaisy - Promising Brand by The Economic TimesStarAndDaisy - Promising Brand by The Economic Times

Sunrise Baby StrollerSunrise Baby Stroller

Sunshine Stroller 1Sunshine Stroller 1


Sunshine Stroller 3Sunshine Stroller 3

Multi- Directional Ventilation

#Multi- Directional Ventilation

Panoramic Sunroof + Sleeping basket large window Refuse the sweltering heat and keep the fresh air in the car at all times

Large Explosion-Proof Wheel For Smooth Driving

#Large Explosion-Proof Wheel For Smooth Driving

Flexible and UniversalSmooth turning and rotatingSmooth implementationWheels in all road conditions, good possibilityfrom now on and these embarrassing situations , say goodbye !Blind Road Deceleration Zone Stone

Full Cover Awing

#Full Cover Awing :

According To Different Weather and Needs 5 – Speed Adjustment , Can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different weather and needs

Sunrise Baby StrollerSunrise Baby Stroller

Sunshine Stroller 5Sunshine Stroller 5

Sunshine Stroller 7Sunshine Stroller 7

Safety Brakes to Prevent Slipping

#Safety Brakes to Prevent Slipping

Four- Wheel Brakes Are safer#Back Wheels And back Brakes :- Rear Wheels with breaks and Back Wheels with direction fixers.

The Front Suspension Embedded bearing

#The Front Suspension Embedded bearing

Smooth and Flexible in the Implementation do not disturb the sleeping BabFront -Wheel universal directional smooth steering easy to pushBoth Front and rear wheels have built in springs for true four wheel shock absorptionBoth

Fashionable Baby Stroller

#Fashionable Baby Stroller

Safety ComfortApply to 0to 4 Year OldWheel suspensionCan be on planea key folding Portable Cartthe cockpit

Sunshine Stroller 8Sunshine Stroller 8

Sunshine Stroller 10Sunshine Stroller 10

Sunshine Stroller 13Sunshine Stroller 13

The Whole Car is Washable Cloth

#The Whole Car is Washable Cloth Cover Easily Removed

Easy to Disassemble and AssembleThe Hollow hard Plate is not Moldy Rejected Viruses and Bactria and give your baby a clean

Multi Features

#Multi Features:

Detachable Handrail : Detachable Handrail for baby AccessAdjustable Food Pedal : The adjustable pedal gives your baby right angleAdjustable Footrest :- This Footrest easily adjustable according to your baby requirement.

Extra Features

#Extra Features :

Intimate Mommy Bag : Intimate mommy Bag design travel placement requires small items Security Across : Across the belt , protections prevents the baby from slipping


Sunshine Stroller 14Sunshine Stroller 14

Sunshine Stroller 15Sunshine Stroller 15

Compact Foldable

#Compact Foldable

Large Breathable

#Large Breathable:

Large Breathable Skylight : Even in the heat, you can also travel fresh

Large Storage Basket : Toy diapers can be placed and other travel

High Landscape Design

#High Landscape Design:

It’s not just baby StrollersHigh View , can serve as dining chair you don’t need to change your dining car

StarAndDaisy -StarAndDaisy -

FOLDABLE STROLLER WITH REVERSIBLE HANDLE: Easily change the sides for the Parent facing and the Surrounding facing for the baby.
3 POSITION SEAT RECLINE: Sitting And Sleeping positions for baby.
ALL WHEELS WITH BREAKS: Rear Wheels with breaks and Front Wheels with direction fixers.
MOSQUITO NET: The net protects the baby from flies and mosquitoes 2
UNIQUE FEATURES: Sunrise Lightweight Baby Stroller has a good quality material that helps the child to sit and relax easily without any issues.