20 Books to Get Your Baby’s Library Started

Consider yourself sitting in a rocking chair in your baby’s nursery, one arm holding your small love and the other holding a baby book. You swing back and forth, chanting Dr. Seuss’s rhythmic phrases to lull him or her to sleep. One of the most fun things to look forward to as a parent is reading to your newborn. Reading creates a unique connection experience. By introducing sounds, words, and tones, it also helps to promote your infant’s cognitive and language development.

Story time can have a major impact on a baby’s brain development because 80 percent of a baby’s brain develops in the first three years of life. Parents who read at least one picture book to their children every day expose them to around 78,000 words per year, according to a 2019 study published in the Journal of Developmental Practices & Behavioral Pediatrics. When you double that by five years, kids will have learned about 1.4 million words by the time they start kindergarten.

We’ve produced a list of the top 20 books to get your child’s library started, ranging from classics to modern titles, to assist you along this reading rainbow with your child.

For three decades, this has been a best-selling children’s book! Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault’s famous book weaves together all 26 letters for a rhythmic voyage up a coconut tree. The pages spring to life with vibrant, colorful drawings that keep your baby’s attention while the book moves along at a fast pace.

Ten Miniature Babies

In Sam signature style, this sing-along book will help your child practice counting from one to 10. Each page depicts a baby going through the motions of play, bath, food, and bedtime. By the last page, all of the babies have exhausted themselves and are ready for a good night’s sleep. The peppy language, attractive images, and representation of several nationalities make this a fun read for everyone.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Brown What do you think you’re seeing?

In this classic maped children’s book, vibrant colours meet paper-collage animals. The classic and unique graphics make a remarkable experience with each storytime, from a blue horse to a purple cat and rhyming words.

The book Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

This one is for all the fathers throughout the world. The delightful and entertaining narrative, written by Jimmy Fallon, takes you through a number of events in which animal fathers urgently try to encourage their offspring to pronounce “dada” as their first word. They, of course, fail miserably. Parents may play out the noises as they go along since each character responds with an animal sound.

Pantone: Color Palette

Who says children can’t appreciate Pantone’s magnificent world? Every colour of the rainbow is represented in this set of six chunky board books: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Light and dark shades within a colour family are featured in each volume, providing a lively introduction to the world’s hues.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s My First Shapes Board Book

To assist babies learn basic forms, the primary colours blend into a geometric, architectural masterpiece that was approved by Frank Lloyd Wright. The bright colours and distinctive figures will keep your child’s interest while teaching them about circles, squares, and triangles.

The First Hundred Words

For tiny readers, a lovely, padded board book crammed with hours of learning. The First 100 Words will assist kids in absorbing simple words and visuals. They’ll memorise terms from a variety of categories, like food, pets, trucks, clothing, and so on.

Making Faces: A First Emotions Book

This expressive board book will help your baby recognise basic facial expressions, from happy and sad to furious, shocked, and amusing. Readers can recreate the same reaction by introducing the five nonverbal glances alongside an image of a baby’s face for an entertaining experience.

What Is the Location of the Baby’s Belly Button?

This fun lift-the-flap book that names body parts from head to toe can be enjoyed by both parent and child. The peekaboo format will have babies giggling with delight.

Oh, the Places You’ll Be Able to Visit!

Dr. Seuss’s beloved collection merits its own classification. Oh, the Places You’ll Go is a thoughtful and timeless story that may connect with children of all ages. The underlying lesson of resilience in the face of life’s volatility and uncertainty will resonate with parents. This is an essential addition to every baby’s library.

What a Wonderful Person You Will Be

We recommend waiting till your baby is in your arms to read this potentially tear-jerker, expecting mums. Author Emily Winfield Martin captures both the hopes and goals that parents have for their children, as well as the beauty of a child becoming their own person as they grow older.

Pat the Bunny is a cartoon character.

Pat the Bunny’s textured materials will transport you to another world. Tiny hands can stroke the rabbit’s fur and feel a piece of fabric, and young noses can sniff flowers in the book. The popular touch and feel book encourages your child to use his or her senses.

Try to figure out how much I adore you.

This beautiful novel elicits all of the emotions. As a small hare named Little Nutbrown Hare and his large hare father try to outdo each other in a beautiful competition of how much they love one another, it will give you the warm fuzzies.

If You Give a Cookie to a Mouse

This classic is a must-have for your baby’s collection. If You Give a Mouse a Biscuit is a cyclical tale (it starts and ends in the same spot). It tells the story of what happens when a boy offers a mouse a cookie. The mouse then starts to make a laundry list of requests, including a glass of milk. The plot that unfolds with each page will captivate children.

Moon, good night.

No beddy-bye is complete without a reading from my mom or dad of this lasting tale. It creates a lulling tone that prepares your bundle of joy for sleep, with readers saying goodnight to everything in sight in the book, such as the room, moon, stars, lights, and even socks.

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