Early Motherhood

Motherhood is tough, and it’s completely acceptable to have a bit of an identity crisis after having a baby. Don’t worry, almost every first-time mom has gone through this, and it hits after a few days, weeks, months, even years in some cases. Working moms would have to take a bit of a time off and then suddenly, you’ll find yourself being accustomed to a stay-at-home mom lifestyle. Sometimes you’ll wake up confused on how to dress. Will you go back to how you dressed before you were pregnant? Or are you doomed to a lifetime of baggy clothing? Will your morning routine still be the same, or will your precious little one take all the time that was once reserved to make yourself presentable?

It’s not easy being a new mom, there are so many changes in your lifestyle that sometimes it feels like your life was turned upside down and now everything’s so unbalanced. Back then you were so focused on your blooming career or your bonding with friends and family, and now you find yourself struggling to balance your time between your friends, your family, your partner, and your kids. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to keep yourself energized, balanced, and most of all, sane!

Relax your standards and go with the flow. Don’t try to have a strict schedule because trust us, it won’t be followed. Allow yourself plenty of time for nursing sessions, crying spells, and nappies. Allot more time to pack your bags when going out so you won’t miss anything, and you’re not frazzled and stressed out. Adjust your standards when it comes to yourself as well. Don’t stress yourself out trying to maintain a clean house all the time while simultaneously handling your baby. It’s okay for chores to take a backseat when you’ve got a newborn, your partner will understand.

Accept help and don’t be guilty to get out of the house sometimes. Sometimes, we can’t stand being away for just a second, but it’s important to take rests too. Accept helping hands from your friends and family and take them up on offers to help with the newborn, or fold the laundry, or even just some company. Getting out of the house doesn’t hurt either, and most of the time, scenery and nature is the secret to keeping your baby preoccupied for a long time.

Research tools that might help you with motherhood. Take a look at baby gears that might help your child calm down, or toys that they’ll like. Think of yourself too, and research what can help make motherhood easier.

Get an electric breast pump. This might seem specific, but trust us, it’s totally worth it. While it is important for mothers to give time and watch over their babies, not all mothers are housewives, or stay- at-home moms, some moms also have very busy schedules and have less time to provide milk for their little ones. These mothers depend heavily on electric breast pumps. Working moms have a chance to take Maternity Leave after they give birth, but this isn’t the case for all mothers however as some need to start working right after. These mothers need to express their milk for the baby that would last the whole day. For mothers who have hectic lifestyles, breastfeeding is often a difficult and time-consuming task to do. It’s also particularly painful, and it’s not really something we look forward to. But it’s essential and preferred for newborns to be breastfed as it gives them all the nutrients they need.

Mothers who have a risk of delivering early should also utilize an electric pump. This is because their children have a likelihood to be too weak to suckle on their mother’s breast. Mothers with twins naturally have to feed both twins, which definitely causes a strain on the mother. As such it would be beneficial for mothers of twins to make use of the electric breast pumps. Electric breast pumps are also easy to clean, and it comes with its own cleaning kit.

There’s really no formula in being the perfect parent, but as long as you try your best, everything will fall into place. We know how it feels like to feel like you’re losing your identity, but this is just another huge chapter of your life. Just always remember to breathe and take a moment to appreciate everything. Take a look at your precious angel and savour this moment, because they’ll grow older in the blink of an eye. Take a moment to appreciate everything around you and reflect on your new life as you enter motherhood.

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