Getting through Cold & Flu season

The most tiring and unwelcomed season which comes with its own honor and pride, Cold and flu season has always been among the most dangerous seasons since you are never ready for them and it has been normalized as a random infection which can be just through a basic physical contact be it handshakes or even through the air, but what makes it riskier is its never guaranteed deadline and so we must take all preventive measures to ensure we remain healthy and safe in such seasons, We must keep note of these below mentioned points to get through this season flawlessly –

1)BUILD IMMUNITY – It’s extremely important to take note of your immunity and make sure you get a healthy diet with proper nutrients so that even if something abnormal happens in the body you have a mechanism to fight against it. You must eat green vegetables and make it a part of your routine to have a cup of milk daily.

2)FIGHT GERMS – Its extremely important for you to make sure that you are hygienic always and keep washing your hands be it before food and even after it, you should make sure you sanitize your hands by coming from somewhere since the cold and flu season has a high sensitivity to airborne infections which often lead to viral fevers.

3)CLEAN HOUSEHOLD – As our body needs to be kept clean, we must ensure that we live in a healthy and clean environment so that we have a safe hygienic place when we come from outside. Make sure the floor gets clean daily, the shoes are removed out and dusting the items in the house should be made a priority. Since we can get cold and flu infections through dirty dust particles too.

4)SLEEP – It is extremely important to have a proper schedule with a great sound sleep included so that your body wells up to its expectations every day and you aren’t tired the next day which might create an impact on you mentally or physically.

5)HOT DRINKS – The best way you can prevent yourself is by drinking hot drinks since it will help the body revamp its mechanism and work in a coordinated manner by not letting the season influence your body in any way.

6)EXERCISE AND GET FLU VACCINE – Its necessary to keep your body moving so that you don’t get fixed at a place anytime, if your body has regular movement then it won’t have an impact on the season since it will be easy for the body to adapt to different conditions and maintain the stability. It is extremely noteworthy that we should ensure that all of us get vaccinated and none of us has to fear the flu because of any medical negligence.

The pandemic has had hit all of us really hard and made us realize the importance of a healthy mind and body. We must ensure that the body maintains this equilibrium and by any chance even after taking all these precautions we still catch cold we should be aware of the symptoms so that we can identify them at an early stage and don’t have to suffer chronically