From the age of a toddler to a teenager, children go through various changes and transformations. These constant changes bring variation in their mental and physical statuses. However, in each stage, they need a guardian angel to escort them throughout the process. Parents are the biggest strength of children. The parents must know the importance of their attention in their lives.

The parents are required to play different roles at different stages of the life of children. Each stage needs an upgraded version of support. In this article we will discuss the various transformations the children expect in their parents as they grow and how much does the attention of parents matters in the life of kids.

Why does kids seek the attention of Parents?

The attention of parents matters a lot in the lives of kids. The following may be reasons why –

  1. To always feel supported and protected.
  2. To share their feelings and opinions without being judged.
  3. To seek help on certain topics and situations.
  4. To be guided the right way.
  5. To feel loved and caressed.
  6. To find a best friend.
  7. To drive away their fears and embrace their courage.

The expectations of Kids from the Parents

The expectations of kids from their parents are different at different ages.

The expectation of kids from age group 3-8 years – This is the stage where kids completely depend on their parents for every little thing. At this stage they expect their parents to play extra dearly and softly. They demand to be pet and fondled all the time. Thus, the parents must treat the children very kindly at this stage while taking care of their needs.

The expectation of kids from age group 8-13 years – The children of this age group are more active and sportier. They expect their parents to show the same energy. To win the heart of your kid in this age you can participate in sports with them like cycling, cricket or walks. You can have amusing activities together.

The expectation of kids from age group 13-19 – This age group includes the teenage kids. Teenage is considered the most critical and emotional phase in life. In this interval, the kids undergo various emotional and mental ups and downs. The kids need special attention at this age. However, they demand some privacy at the same time. Thus, in this stage, the parents must keep an eye on the steps of their kids to direct them when they divert, without disturbing their privacy.

The expectation of kids from age group 20 and Above – By this age, the children get trained for various challenges they are going to face in coming years and finally step into their professional life. At this stage, kids expect their parents to be supportive. They want the parents to trust their decisions and support them in seeking their goals.


No matter, what age group your children belong to, they always seek to be loved and caressed by their parents. They always need their parents by their side.

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