Synthetic chemicals, their Alternatives and how to avoid them

Newborn babies are more vulnerable and sensitive as compare to young kids or adults, so let’s talk about them first. After breastfeeding, going chemical-free in your home is the best thing you can do for your children(s). Many synthetic and dangerous chemicals are present in baby skincare products that can harm them in so many ways. Like rashes, respiratory distress, and in some cases, even long-term health conditions. Only skincare products are not the culprit, disposable diapers, use of pesticides on vegetables and fruits, and clothing as well. 

Thankfully there are safe organic solutions available to avoid/protect our children and ourselves from all those harmful substances.

What are those chemicals and what they can do?


This is an industrial chemical contaminant used in fireworks, bleach, some fertilizers. It is present in drinking water, irrigation water, ground and surface water and in some foods as well. This chemical interferes with the production of thyroid hormone needed for development and growth by causing interference in iodine absorption into the thyroid gland.


Use iodized salt.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women, check with their doctor.


Carcinogenic pesticides have been known to cause some severe diseases in children, including leukemia and adverse effects on neurobehavioral development. Pesticides are used to kill insects and unwanted herbs in lawn, gardens, on agricultural lands, mainly fruits and vegetables.


Buy organic fruits and vegetables and always eat them after washing them using fresh water and a brush.

Fruits and vegetables can remove the effects of pesticides.

Don’t let the children go to the areas which have been treated with pesticides recently.


This is a known carcinogenic which naturally occurs in some foods, and some pesticides also contain some amount of arsenic. It can cause skin, lung, bladder, and kidney cancers. The foods like apple juice, grape juice, and rice contain some quantities of arsenic. Although arsenic found in foods and juices doesn’t have significant effects on adults but for young children, it can be harmful.


For the children under the age of five, avoid rice-based foods, such as rice flour, rice syrup, and rice milk.

Avoid giving rice-based cereals to young kids. You can easily replace it with oats and wheat-based cereals.

Avoid giving apple and grape juice to young kids.

Phthalates and BPA

BPA and phthalates are used in plastic; phthalates make the plastic more flexible while BPA makes it more rigid. Both chemicals are endocrine disruptors; they mimic natural hormones and cause reproductive development problems. Low levels of testosterone in males and early puberty in girls are the main problems caused by these two harmful chemicals.


Always buy BPA-free plastic containers.

Stop using plastic containers in the microwave.

 Always buy PVC-Free backpacks and raincoats for children.    

Do not use Children’s skincare products having the ingredient fragrance in them, which may have the phthalates.

Some more chemicals are:

Flame Retardants,







Most of these chemicals are humanmade and are being used in toothpaste, skincare products, and cosmetics. They can be avoided if you buy these products after reading the labels carefully.

What are the Alternatives?

Fortunately, by using organic and homemade baby products, these allergic and toxic ingredients can be avoided naturally. If you can put up with the work to prepare those products, many online websites are working to provide organic and chemical-free baby products. The one I trust is Star-and-Daisy.

Gone are the days when people use to think organic solutions are challenging to prepare, and they are not as convenient as other heavily marketed products even if you have bought organic products from the market. Homemade baby wipes and cloth diapers save the kids from rashes and allergic reactions. There have been some improvements in their design, making them as convenient as modern-day products but safe to use.

Switch to Organic

Stop using processed foods, mainly don’t feed your children with such foods. They can cause many developmental issues in your babies.

Switch to organically grown, fertilizers and pesticides free vegetables and fruits. Always wash them before storing or eating. Try not to buy larger quantities, buy small portions to eat fresh. Also, don’t store meat in your freezer for extended periods.

Clothing items have some amount of toxins as well. Thankfully there is organic clothing available in the markets as well.

Be very careful when buying skincare and cosmetic products, including shampoo, soaps, sunscreens, lotions, creams, and many more.

My thoughts!!!

I know it seems a little intimidating that now you have to track each and everything, search for the organic solutions, the basic taste of some organic foods is not very likable at the beginning.

But believe me, once you start, it gets better every week, a time comes when it becomes your routine. That you will never let go off.

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