Welcoming newborn

 – The range of Emotions & Happiness

So, you are a parent now (just like me), after the months of depression and elevated emotions your baby is finally here. Well, Congratulations. However, if you think those troubling emotions and strange hormonal effects are going to go away since your child is born now, you’re mistaken. Parenting is not an easy job, but it’s also not as hard as it may seem if you manage yourself emotionally, physically, and are satisfied with the care you are taking for the baby.

Post-birth Emotions

First interaction

When in pregnancy, baby feels everything mother is going through, that’s we have been told by the doctors to keep healthy and happy during the pregnancy. Let’s have that talk some other day.

After being born, your baby receives all kinds of information from the environment around them. From the moment of their birth to every interaction counts, these interactions will shape the emotional traits of your baby. If the parents are happy and content, they are in the best shape to form strong and healthy relationships with their infant.

Most probably, your first interaction with the baby will be breastfeeding her/him, and I was emotionally so imbalanced at that time, I couldn’t stop crying. Moreover, my lack of breast-milk added a new layer of emotions for me. It was so difficult for me to go through that process. Then someone suggested breast-milk pumps, they help you in all kind of breast-milk problems from lack of milk to the excess of milk and to store breast milk, if you have to be apart from your child for a small or long period of the day.

For the few weeks, you stay on the verge of bursting out into tears. Seek help from the people you are most close to, and buy your maternity traveling bags and motherhood essentials beforehand. This will helps you maintain your calm because a single missing item will put you in the guilt of not being a good parent, which is the worst feeling and can put you in depression.


Babies have their strange sleeping and being hungry routines. Don’t expect them to fit right into your routines, and you have to adjust around theirs. This means your long night 8 hours sleep will turn itself into small naps that could last two to three hours at some good days, maybe you’ll make it to four to five hours of sleep in a single go. Insufficient sleep will give another push to your emotional imbalances. You will feel tired, irked, and unstable all the time. But some solutions worked for me, and maybe they will work for you as well. Slowly try to adjust with your infant’s routine that works for you better. At times your baby usually resists to fall into sleep, try to put her on the swing, bouncer, or rocker. I didn’t have a rocker and couldn’t trust my husband to bring one, so I searched on the internet and came to know that there are E-rockers are available in the market. Read some reviews and purchased one. You can’t even imagine how it changed my life. I finally started to have some time for myself and with my husband. This helped a lot, keeping me calm and subtle.

Back to life

There are some other ways to keep improving your life (routines & emotional health) and make it back to your life by beating the rollercoaster of emotions. Once you and your baby have made adjustments with each other’s routines and they are growing, you also need to start getting your old life back. Of course, it can’t be the same, but believe me, even you don’t want to be the same again because now you want to be there for your baby as well, he is the most beautiful thing ever happened to you. So, what can you do for making progress, here it is.

Divide or share yours in house duties between you and your partner.

Your house doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. People can understand, so stop worrying about it.

Talk it out with your partner, share everything you are going through.

Take a shower, get dressed, you will feel better.

Maintain or increase interaction or contact with positive and supportive family and friends. Try to stay away from the negative ones.

Keep your child busy, as he starts to grow to bring in some creative toys to play with, like doodle boards, etc.

If not very necessary, try not to make major life changes, like switching the jobs or changing the house.

Take care of your health, diet, and exercise, because in a few months you will have to face the world again. Being in good shape is a confidence booster.

Buy a stroller pram, to take your baby with you on the walks.

Happy Parenting !!!

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